Meet & Chat

  • Mamak Chat: Office Hours

    Mamak is the Malaysian version of cafe, the place where conversation happens. There will be Mamak Chat after each session. You can discuss topics of your interest further with other participants and also the speakers! Good ideas come from conversation, so let's have a chat or... join and listen what's others have in mind.


  • 5 Tips to Improve User Experience with NgRx
    Alex Okrushko

    The responsiveness of the apps is one of the critical factors of how the users perceive them. Some of the sources of slowness are waiting for API responses a...

  • Scaling Frontend Development using Micro-frontends
    Mashhood Rastgar

    As Single Page Applications take over the world, we are introduced with yet another complexity: their size. Over time we have created patterns to manage complex...

  • From NgRx to NgRx-entity to NgRx-data
    Jia Li

    State Management is very important in Angular development, ngrx is one of the most used libraries. By using ngrx, there are a lot of advantages in developmen...

  • Building Mobile Apps with Angular and NativeScript
    Sebastian Witalec

    NativeScript is a free and open source JavaScript framework for building native iOS and Android apps. Add to that Angular with TypeScript and you will get a ...

  • Leverage Angular Schematics to Empower Developers of Frontend App & Libraries
    Tomas Trajan

    In development, we often want to extract reusable parts of logic into self contained libraries. Modern tooling provided by Angular CLI enables us to provide ...

  • How We Build NG-MY Website: Performance, SEO, Customized CLI Build, Animation, Modern CSS
    Jecelyn YeenAdrian YeongHo Jen Ning

    In this talk, we will share about some techniques we apply in building NG-MY website, so you can easily apply these techniques in your website too! Here is w...

  • Machine Learning and AI for Angular Developers
    Jerry Kurata

    You have no doubt heard about the wonders of Machine Learning. Thanks to Machine Learning we now have algorithms that let programs detect objects in images, ...

  • Why should You Care about Functional Reactive Programming
    Kevin Yang

    Functional reactive programming has been around for many years. There are so many reasons make people keep talking about it.

    In this talk, we are going...

  • Complexity Management with NgRx
    Mike Ryan

    One of the biggest challenges building out large Angular applications is the management of complexity, but where does this complexity come from? Both state m...

  • Beyond TypeScript Metadata: Dependency Injection in Angular and Nest
    Kamil Mysliwiec

    Dependency Injection framework is a core and inherent feature of both Nest and Angular. DI simplifies creating scalable, testable, and maintainable applicati...

  • Collect, Combine, and Cache RxJS Streams for User-Friendly Results... Without a Subscription
    Deborah Kurata

    RxJS is one of those technologies we use every day, but there is always a bit more to learn. In this session, we focus on specific use cases:

    - Collect...

  • Ivy Renderer for Dummies
    Gerard Sans

    What is exactly Ivy Renderer? What features will affect the way we build apps? How can we benefit for this technology? In this presentation I will cover thes...

  • GraphQL at Any Level of Your Stack
    Kamil Kisiela

    After a very short introduction about GraphQL, we’re going to dive deep into how it’s being used today and what me and The Guild have learnt from all those y...

  • Build Web Components with Angular Elements
    Arjay Elbore

    Angular provides awesome features to develop scalable enterprise applications with re-usable components. Sharing re-usable components between different team...

  • Upgrading your AngularJS App, Without the Tears
    Erin Zimmer

    Many of us eagerly awaited the release of Angular 2. We updated our apps to Angular 1.6. We wrote components. And, when the time came, we wrapped our apps in...

  • Cool interaction made Simple with Angular Material CDK
    Ng Tong Sheng

    Angular Material and the CDK were built to make it easy to build great looking and great feeling applications more quickly. Watch me live-code an application...

  • Automated Testing for the Modern Web
    Jennifer Shehane

    End-to-end tests are a crucial part of the testing pyramid, yet they are often overlooked entirely. They are notorious for being hard to set up, flaky when t...

  • Angular Material or Bootstrap? Stop asking the question!
    Amadou Sall

    Angular Material AND Bootstrap for your next Angular application? It doesn't make sense, does it? The first time I talked to my colleagues about combining th...

  • Large Scale Angular Applications
    Tom SuijkerbuijkMart Ganzevles

    On the BlueWeb project, which is a project to completely rewrite the B2C web applications of Air France  and  KLM, we have been using Angular since the early...

  • Comparing Angular Forms
    Alex Lakatos

    Forms are probably the most sensitive part of your web app. They are the main way we get data from the user. They seem simple enough, you just add an ngForm ...

  • Protractor: The Hacker Way
    Will Huang (保哥)

    This talk will bring you the dark secret of the Protractor end-to-end test framework and share the tips and tricks to fill your hacker's mind.

  • ABC: Angular, Bazel, CLI
    Keen Yee

    Angular has been used for very large projects (>100 engineers) inside Google, and the development workflow is very different from the external CLI solution.<...

  • Advanced patterns in RxJS - Operating heavily dynamic UI’s with RxJS
    Michael Hladky

    The web changed a lot in the past years, more and more applications provide UI's that are heavily interactive and often also include some background tasks.

Lightning Talks

  • Common Angular Gotchas
    Yew Hong Tat

    Knocking your head against unexpected issues while building your projects on Angular? We all did at some point!

    In this talk, I will share about a few ...

  • Fun and Games with Angular
    Wendy Kong

    Angular is great for developing enterprise software. Does it always have to be about business though? If we are comfortable with the framework, maybe we can ...

  • Writing Compound Components in Angular
    Azizi Yazit

    Compound components is an advance technique to which components are used together such that they share an implicit state that let’s them communicate with eac...

  • Release Confidently: Automate Angular Deployment Workflow

    The Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline is one of the best practices for delivering code changes more frequently and reliably.

  • Using Nx: Angular CLI Power-ups for Modern Development
    Siwat Kaolueng

    Nx is an open source toolkit for building ambitious enterprise applications. Nx fully integrates with modern tools (Angular, React, Cypress, Jest, Prettier, ...

  • Bringing Angular to Life with Animations
    Zachary Ng

    My web app is looking a little dull… When and how can I give it a little pop of life? We’ll be exploring how to create animations and micro-interactions that...


  • Deploy Dockerized Angular Application to Azure
    Anil Kumar MenonChan Ming Man

    In this hands-on lab, you will learn how to implement a solution with a combination of Azure Resource Manager templates and Azure DevOps to enable continuous...

  • Building your first Fullstack Serverless App with Angular
    Gerard Sans

    In this workshop we will be introducing AWS Amplify a modern toolchain, libraries and UI componen...

  • RxJS Level UP - Essentials in reactive programming with RxJS
    Michael Hladky

    This training will improve your RxJS skills!

    RxJS is more popular than ever. It is backed into the Angular core and also used in frameworks like React,...

  • Building your First Custom Angular Schematics
    Tomas Trajan

    In this workshop we will shortly recapitulate what are Angular Schematics and how to use them and then we proceed to create our first custom Angular Schemati...

Zachary Ng
Zachary Ng
Bringing Angular to Life with Animations

My web app is looking a little dull… When and how can I give it a little pop of life? We’ll be exploring how to create animations and micro-interactions that will wow (or at least subtly amuse) your users. Our toolkit will include CSS animations, Angular animations, and external animation libraries.