Day 1

08.15 - 09.00
09.00 - 09.10
Opening Remarks
09.10 - 09.40
Keen Yee, Jecelyn Yeen
09.40 - 09.50
Air Asia, Nintex
10.00 - 10.30
Complexity Management with NgRx
Mike Ryan
Machine Learning and AI for Angular Developers
Jerry Kurata
Mamak Chat: Office Hours
Keen Yee, Jecelyn Yeen
10.40 - 11.10
Cool Interaction Made Simple with Angular Material CDK
Ng Tong Sheng
Why Should You Care About Functional Reactive Programming
Kevin Yang
Mamak Chat: Office Hours
Mike Ryan, Jerry Kurata
11.20 - 11.50
Beyond TypeScript Metadata: Dependency Injection in Angular and Nest
Kamil Mysliwiec
Collect, Combine, and Cache RxJS Streams for User-Friendly Results... Without a Subscription
Deborah Kurata
Mamak Chat: Office Hours
Ng Tong Sheng, Kevin Yang
12.00 - 13.00
13.00 - 13.30
From NgRx to NgRx-entity to NgRx-data
Jia Li
Leverage Angular Schematics to Empower Developers of Frontend App & Libraries
Tomas Trajan
Mamak Chat: Office Hours
Kamil Mysliwiec, Deborah Kurata
13.40 - 14.10
Building Mobile Apps with Angular and NativeScript
Sebastian Witalec
How We Build NG-MY Website: Performance, SEO, Customized CLI Build, Animation, Modern CSS
Jecelyn Yeen, Adrian Yeong, Jenning Ho
Mamak Chat: Office Hours
Jia Li, Tomas Trajan, Gerard Sans
14.20 - 14.50
Automated Testing for the Modern Web
Jennifer Shehane
Large Scale Angular Applications
Tom Suijkerbuijk, Mart Ganzevles
Mamak Chat: Office Hours
Sebastian Witalec, Adrian Yeong, Jenning Ho, Jecelyn Yeen
15.00 - 15.20
NG-FUN Closing Day 1
15.20 - 15.30
Seek Asia, Microsoft, Ambition
15.30 - 15.50
15.50 - 18.50
Workshop A: Deploy Dockerized Angular Application to Azure
Anil Kumar Menon, Chan Ming Man
Workshop B: Building your first Fullstack Serverless App with Angular
Gerard Sans
Workshop C: RxJS Level UP - Essentials in reactive programming with RxJS
Michael Hladky
Workshop D: Building your First Custom Angular Schematics
Tomas Trajan

Day 2

08.15 - 09.00
NG-Sarapan (Breakfast)
09.00 - 09.40
Advanced patterns in RxJS - Operating heavily dynamic UI’s with RxJS
Michael Hladky
09.40 - 09.50
Firebase, Apigate
10.00 - 10.30
Build Web Components with Angular Elements
Arjay Elbore
Angular Material or Bootstrap? Stop asking the question!
Amadou Sall
Mamak Chat: Office Hours
Michael Hladky, Jennifer Shehane
10.40 - 11.10
Protractor: The Hacker Way
Will Huang
Upgrading your AngularJS App, Without the Tears
Erin Zimmer
Mamak Chat: Office Hours
Arjay Elbore, Amadou Sall, Tom Suijkerbuijk, Mart Ganzevles
11.20 - 11.50
Comparing Angular Forms
Alex Lakatos
5 Tips to Improve User Experience with NgRx
Alex Okrushko
Mamak Chat: Office Hours
Erin Zimmer, Will Huang
12.00 - 13.00
NG-Makan-Tengah-Hari (Lunch)
13.00 - 13.30
Mamak Chat: Office Hours
Alex Lakatos, Alex Okrushko
13.00 - 13.10
Writing Compound Components in Angular
Azizi Yazit
Bringing Angular to Life with Animations
Zachary Ng
13.10 - 13.20
Fun and Games with Angular
Wendy Kong
Common Angular Gotchas
Yew Hong Tat
13.20 - 13.30
Using Nx: Angular CLI Power-ups for Modern Development
Siwat Kaoleung
Release Confidently: Automate Angular Deployment Workflow
13.40 - 14.10
GraphQL at Any Level of Your Stack
Kamil Kisiela
Scaling Frontend Development using Micro-frontends
Mashhood Rastgar
Mamak Chat: Office Hours
Wendy Kong, Yew Hong Tat, Azizi Yazit, Zachary Ng, Siwat Kaoleung, Sujono
14.20 - 14.50
Ivy Renderer for Dummies
Gerard Sans
ABC: Angular, Bazel, CLI
Keen Yee
Mamak Chat: Office Hours
Kamil Kisiela, Mashhood Rastgar
15.00 - 15.45
AMA - Ask Me Anything
All speakers
15.45 - 16.00
NG-Tutup (Closing)